Since the course is online, we will use a couple of pieces of technology this semester.


Course Website

The official course website is your primary source of information on the course.

  • The Getting Started section contains all the information in a traditional syllabus across several pages.

  • The course Lessons pages have all the details about each week’s topic, including the readings, videos and assignments.

  • The Application pages describe each of these assignments. Other assignment materials are on Sakai.


Sakai is for grades, exams, and submitting your assignments.

  • The Gradebook has all your grades for the semester.

  • You submit your Applications in the Assignments section.

  • Case Studies and the Exams are both available in the Test and Exams section. Each week’s lesson will provide the relevant links. If you don’t have access to the course Sakai site, email Professor Caren.


The course Slack space is for text discussions.

  • Each Thursday during class, film discussions will take place in on the Slack space.

  • The #questions channel is always available for question on sociological concepts or course assignments.

  • Visit the Slack 101 page for complete directions on how to signup.


Our course textbook is The Real World by Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein. You can purchase access through the student store, and can view the book by following the link on Sakai


Each week you are assigned a chapter from the textbook. To help you focus your reading on the central concepts and provide a quick check on your capacity to identify and use the new concepts, you are required to complete a weekly InQuizitive reading test. These quizzes are untimed and you can keep answering questions until you earn a perfect score.


Tuesday class and Student meetings happen on Zoom.


Always feel free to reach me at