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Politics, Education and Religion

This lesson treats three major social institutions together—politics, education, and religion—due to their intertwined nature and their effects on everyday interactions. Politics, education, and religion are a sociological paradox: They function at the macro-level to shape daily interactions; at the micro-level, those same everyday interactions construct the social institutions.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the relationships among these three social institutions as well as make the connection between micro- and macrosociology.

  • Employ sociological theories and methods to find the intersections between individual experience and social structure,

  • Analzye patterns in educational inequalities.


Be sure to hand these in before the deadline

  • InQuizitive Chapter Set 10 (Thursday at 9:30am)

  • Education application (Sunday at 10:00pm)

  • We Are The Radical Monarchs reflection (Sunday at 10:00pm)


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Discuss (Thursday during class):

We Are The Radical Monarchs

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Set in Oakland, a city with a deep history of social justice movements, WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS documents the Radical Monarchs - an alternative to the Scout movement for girls of color, aged 8-13. Its members earn badges for completing units on social justice including being an LGBTQ ally, the environment, and disability justice. The group was started by two, fierce, queer women of color, Anayvette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest as a way to address and center her daughter’s experience as a young brown girl. Their work is anchored in the belief that adolescent girls of color need dedicated spaces and that the foundation for this innovative work must also be rooted in fierce inter-dependent sisterhood, self-love, and hope. Official description

We will use the documentary film We Are The Radical Monarchs as an opportunity to explore the sociology of politics and education. We will watch it together during class.

  • Be sure to have the movie ready to go at the start of class.

  • Login to the course Slack by 9:45am and say hi to your group!


If you have any questions at all about what you are supposed to do on this lesson, please remember I am here to help. Reach out any time so I can support your success.

Lesson Keywords

  • social institutions

  • power

  • three dimensions/faces of power

  • authority

  • power elite

  • pluralism

  • opinion leaders

  • education

  • credentialism

  • educational attainment levels (adults 25+)

  • tracking

  • hidden curriculum

  • sacred

  • profane

  • religion

  • religiosity (extrinsic/intrinsic)

  • secular

The least you need to know

Theoretical perspectives

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